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Working in a small studio has its perks but when it’s comes to space it’s tight. We can quite quickly accumulate lots of pieces of fabric that are too small for clothing but too good to get rid of. So I’ve made up some ‘bundles of joy’ for you to enjoy and get creative with.

Each package will contain around 20 pieces of linen. Pieces will be no smaller than your hand but most will be substantially larger. 

There are many uses for these fabrics which include patchwork/quilting, doll making, face masks, mending, embroidery projects among many other things. 

PLEASE NOTE each package is randomly picked and I cannot make custom packages. Photos shown are an example of the textiles that could be included.

Use the drop down menu to select your preferred general colour palette or ‘mixed colour/print' for a surprise mix. Again, PLEASE NOTE, while we will do our best to build a selection around your prefer colour palette, photos are only an example of what could be included.

I’d love to see what you create so be sure to tag us @isleofshee

Click link below to view our size guide. If you are unsure or have any special requirements please contact us at

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