Hello! We're Laurie and Alana, a Scottish duo designing and making garments from the heart, right here in Scotland, from the comfort of our little home studios (AKA the shed and spare room) We're obsessed with all things natural and slow living so naturally our business choices follow suit with sustainable materials and ethical practices.
Let us share with you how Isle of Shee came to be. Picture this- a mum of two young kids, gruelling nightshifts as an NHS nurse and a mental breakdown triggered by OCD. That was Laurie but luckily this was all a blessing in disguise. You see, sewing and creating was what kept Lauries head above water. A kind of therapy and escape. An online audience became invested in Laurie and her work and from there the brand blossomed.
So, here's the story of how one turned into two. Fresh out of fashion school Alana applied for some freelance seamstress work at a local clothing company (yep! Isle of Shee). She loved how the brand aligned with her own values and was so inspired by everything Laurie was achieving that she set up her own brand making dancewear. It wasn't too much later down the line Laurie said 'You know what my customers would love...underwear!'. From the dancewear Alana had the machines and the know how to make it happen. So they did.
Since then it has been a ride, to say the least. Two creatives navigating the ever changing digital world. We've seen employees and studios come and go. Had super highs and extremely low lows. All that makes us so proud and grateful to offer our services to you, our loveliest customers and number one support.