• Beautiful easy to wear top.
  • The fit and comfort of your favourite tee, with the look and feel of a casual blouse.
  • Can be made with or without the pierrot collar.
  • Pullover design, with no fastenings.


Please be sure to read the 'How to create your own look' section below.


  • There are various options to consider when having a GRACIE especially made for you.

    • Choose your main textile from the 'choose textiles' section here.
    • Would you like the top made with or without the ruffle collar.
    • If you have chosen to have a collar, would you like it in the same fabric as the top or you could make it really fun with a contrasting print from the 'contrast textiles' section.
    • What fabric would you like? Cotton/Double Gauze/Linen.

    If you need any help with this process we are always happy to assist, please email Lulu@awoodlandgathering.com

  • XS - UK8

    actual body measurement

    Bust - 80-82cm

    Waist - 62-64cm

    Hips - 86-88cm

    Finished garment measurement

    Bust - 94cm

    Waist - 92cm

    Hips - 103cm


    S - UK10

    actual body measurement

    Bust - 83-88cm

    Waist - 65-70cm

    Hips - 89-94cm

    finished garment measurement

    Bust - 99cm

    Waist - 97cm

    Hips - 108cm


    M - UK12

    actual body measurement

    Bust - 89-94cm

    Waist - 71-76cm

    Hips - 95-100cm

    finished garment measurement

    Bust - 104cm

    Waist - 102cm

    Hips - 113cm


    L - UK14

    actual body measurement

    Bust - 95-100cm

    Waist - 77-82cm

    Hips - 101-106cm

    finished garment measurement

    Bust - 109cm

    Waist - 107cm

    Hips - 118cm


    XL - UK16

    actual body measurement

    Bust - 101-106cm

    Waist - 83-88cm

    Hips - 107-112cm

    finished garment measurement

    Bust - 114cm

    Waist - 112cm

    Hips - 123cm


    XXL - UK18

    actual body measurement

    Bust - 107-112cm

    Waist - 89-94cm

    Hips - 113-118cm

    finished garment measurement

    Bust - 119cm

    Waist - 117cm

    Hips - 128cm